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Luxurious Hotel Bed

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Luxurious Bedroom

About Us

We specialize in building partnerships with landlords and property managers to provide a luxury experience with clean, comfortable, fully-furnished short-term housing to traveling individuals and business professionals such as corporate relocation clients and traveling clients including nurses, doctors, sales professionals, flight attendants, pilots, etc... Our professional cleaning team ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and maintenance, preserving the property's luxurious appeal. Our meticulous guest screening procedure ensures only qualified and trustworthy occupants are granted access. We deploy advanced sound sensor systems to handle loud guests expeditiously. Front door surveillance cameras and 24/7 monitoring, ensuring the utmost safety and privacy.

Luxurious Bedroom

What We Offer

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Guaranteed Rental

When leasing your property to us, you have guaranteed income for the duration of the lease, no headaches with tenants not paying on time, no worries about a tenant losing their job. You will receive a stress-free guaranteed rent payment every month! 

Professional Property 

Your property will be cleaned by our cleaning staff almost daily, many landlords are in shock after a 2 year long tenant moves out and they see the condition of the property. Our cleaning staff makes sure the property is always in pristine condition daily for our valued guests.  We make comprehensive monthly reports and conduct property inspections to keep property managers informed about the property's condition and performance.

Modern Kitchen
Bedside Lamp

Multiple Units? No Problem

We seek to establish long-term partnerships through multi-year leases, ensuring a steady income stream and a mutually beneficial collaboration. Signing multi-year long leases for multiple units at once which saves you the cost and time of finding a different tenant for each unit and collecting payment from multiple different people.  

Why Us?


Peace of Mind

All our clients are screened ahead of time. We will also provide property damage insurance as well as liability insurance should a claim be bought against the host. Either way you are protected, and insured should anything happen. Wireless security systems will be provided at the premises to monitor the safety of the unit.

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No Costly Tenant Turnover

When the time comes to find a new tenant after your current tenant moves out, it becomes a very costly expense:

1. Deep cleaning and re-painting

2. Listing Fee / Realtor Commission

3. Multiple Month Vacancies

This is not a concern when we rent your property as we sign long term leases and will stay as long as you will have us.

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Your Property, Our Promise

You are guaranteed the agreed upon rent in the leasing contract regardless if our clients are occupying the unit or not.  Handling tenant matters can be stressful and time consuming. Our goal is to increase occupancy and decrease hassle. We're experts at finding people who will treat your property right.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Trust is the #1 thing we value between our relationships with the current landlords and owners. Our entire business is built on YOU trusting US with your property. We ensure every guest is screened before hand and take all pre-emptive measures regarding safety and security. Your property becomes our full responsibility and its in our best interest to maintain its upkeep. 


Ring Video cameras are installed at the entrance of each unit monitoring 24/7. Smart Locks installed on each door, a new code is generated for each guest and codes are deleted upon checkout.

Noise Detector devices installed inside each unit which sends an alert to our local on-site support staff if the noise exceeds a certain dB level.


8201 Corporate Dr suite 610, Hyattsville, MD 20785, USA

+1 800-799-0274

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